Region Leadership Team
(as of July 1, 2020)

(This page is currently being updated)

Region President
Sergeant Major (Ret.) Jerry Glesmann
Immediate Past President
Colonel (Ret.) Richard "Phil" Stage
Executive Vice President
Major General (Ret.) Curtis A. Loop
  Vice President for Chapter Operations



Vice President for Membership
Mr. Bernie Stoltzman
  Vice President for NCO & Soldier Programs


Vice President for Reserve Components
and Webmaster
Colonel (Ret.) Bob Fritz
  Vice President for Young Professionals


Sergeant Major (Ret.) Jim Martichuski
California State President
Major General (Ret) Robert Ostenberg
Idaho State President
Honorable Dianne Nordhaus


Montana State President
Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Brenton E. Reinhardt


Nevada State President
Ms. Mary Jennifer "Jenny" Logan
Oregon State President
Major General (Ret.) Curtis A. Loop
Washington State President
Ms. Alecia R. Grady